Traveling Rokugan

Faction Wars
Welcome to Sigil

In the centre of all existence there lies a land that connects heavens and hells, and in the middle of that land a floating at the top of infinite Spire, a ring-shaped city that has infinitive doors to all planes in the multiverse. The City of Doors also known as Sigil is home to all the races from the noble githzeria warriors to cunning yugoloth fiends. Ruled by a silent and deadly Lady of Pain, this land is somehow a sanctuary that neither gods or demons dare to disturb. 15 Factions each with their radical ideologies governs the city, living under in a forced peace but all will change as some greedy Factors are planning for a war.
As players, you will have a lot of option to partake this adventure either by taking some side of radical factions or being the waveman, a factionless berk who are trying to make a profit out of this chaos. As we get closer to the date of the game, I will add more house rules, but for the moment you can take these as the base:

1) All the races/ classes from Wizard of the Coast books are permitted (even if they are in beta).
2) We use random 4 out of 3 rolls (allowed to roll three arrays and choose the best one). You can take regular hit point or roll (if you roll you cannot take half.)
3) You are starting from 3rd level.
3) Being part of a faction will give you powers.
4) Combat can be a little bit more deadly.
5) We use sane magical prices, but there would be less magical weapons and other resistance breaking items.
6) A different take on inspiration (which we call fate).
7) A more roleplay heavy game,


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